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Altar №19

Altar №19
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In the Orthodox church, the altar is located in the northeastern part of the altar, to the left of the throne. Externally, the altar is very reminiscent of the throne, basically the same with it in size (or slightly smaller) and always equal to it in height. The altar is intended for the commission of Proskomedia - the procedure for making bread (prosphora) and wine for the subsequent mystery of the Bloodless Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ. This sacred place in the temple, to him, as well as to the throne, can only touch the priests. Like every piece of church utensils, the altar is deeply symbolic: it marks, firstly, “the secret cave where the nursery was,” that is, the place of the Nativity of Christ, and secondly, Calvary, the place of crucifixion and the Savior's feat, and finally the neglected The Throne of Glory, where Jesus Christ ascended on the ascension and sat at the right hand of God the Father. In ancient Russian temples, the altar was not in the altar, but in the northern aisle (connected to the altar), but later for convenience it was transferred to the altar. On the altar without fail have a lamp and Cross with a Crucifix. In addition, in small temples that do not have a separate vault, sacred vessels of worship are placed on the altar.
Our experienced craftsmen will fulfill your order in the best traditions of church carving.

altar to church from alder or linden article our works hand-worked made on old equipment which checked by the time you can overlook to
Altar / Holy Table / Алтарь

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Work: Manual.
Material: Wood.
Size: Under the order.
Price: Under the order.
Работа: Ручная.
Материал: Дерево.
Размер: Под заказ.
Цена: Под заказ.
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