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Altar №21

Altar №21
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The Holy See is the heart of every church, from a small church to a large cathedral (where there can be several thrones), its main shrine, a place where the Church of Heaven and Earth connects. The Savior is mysteriously present here. On the throne or, as it is also called, the holy meal, the clergy perform the great sacrament of the Eucharist. Its quadrangular form, adopted in early Christianity, is a sign that for holy Communion, for the only way of finding Eternal Life, Christians are called on from all four directions of the world. The throne is located in the center of the altar, which is also called heaven on earth, because it represents the image of the spiritual world. The throne is a symbol of the Holy Sepulcher and the heavenly Throne of God. Accordingly, he is dressed in two clothes: a white linen catasarka (the symbol of the burial shroud of Christ) and an elegant brocade indity (a reminder of the Savior’s royal power). Often, instead of expensive fabrics, a case for the throne is decorated with a case that is richly decorated with precious stones and gold. Such a magnificent throne was, for example, in the Temple of Constantinople in Hagia Sophia. Modern craftsmen make magnificent carved robe for the throne from precious woods and metal with casting, chasing, lithography, enamel and gilding. In the early centuries, the thrones were stone, but later they were made of wood. The height of the throne is usually about one meter. The details are fastened with four nails (symbolize the very nails with which Christ was crucified) and wax-mastic (a fragrant binding mixture). All these elements signify Jesus’s love for people and unity with them. Be sure to under the throne (at the base or a special ark) at the time of consecration rely the holy relics. This tradition came from the earliest centuries of Christianity and reflects the fact that the Church is established on the Blood of Christ and the blood of the holy martyrs. The altars for the temples on which the sacrifice is prepared for Communion are also located in the altar and have the same vestments as the throne. They complement each other during worship. The beauty of the decoration of Orthodox churches - the talent, inspiration and artistic genius of the best masters of mankind. After all, we dedicate all the most beautiful things to God. Icons in icon cases, majestic iconostasis, exquisite gates to the altar, massive candlesticks with lighted candles - all this makes you leave behind the bustle and plunge into the special warm and enthusiastic atmosphere of the temple.
altar to church from alder or linden article our works hand-worked made on old equipment which checked by the time you can overlook to
Altar / Holy Table / Алтарь

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Iconostasis / Иконостас   

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Production and sale of internal thrones for temples of Oak and Alder (it is a cheaper option). Making the throne is according to your size. We also provide the service of making vestments (vestments) on the throne. There are options for vestments made of wood with framed carved wood and metal. We accept applications for the manufacture of vestments of thrones of large sizes - 130cm, 150cm, 170cm. The time of making a robe for the throne is from 7 to 14 days, in the case of making a robe of carved oak - up to one month.

Work: Manual.
Material: Wood.
Size: Under the order.
Price: Under the order.
Работа: Ручная.
Материал: Дерево.
Размер: Под заказ.
Цена: Под заказ.
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