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Altar №24

Altar №24
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Altars for temples An Orthodox church is the embodiment of Christian symbolism, containing a huge sound system of meanings. It contains an inexhaustible, rich and complex symbol. Communion for a Christian is an eternal reminder of the sacrifice brought by Jesus Christ, the Savior’s atonement for the sins of the world, the opportunity to dwell in the source of life, in Christ. Communion inspires our souls. This mystery connects us with the Savior. The Eucharist is a great miracle and mercy of the Lord. For more than two thousand years, Christians have been preparing in a special way the Holy Gifts for the Eucharist. This action is called proskomide. It takes place in the first part of the Divine Liturgy on the altar in the altar. Actually, the altar was given its name because prosphora (bread) and wine are prepared here for the fulfillment of the sacrament of the Bloodless Sacrifice. It is also called the "offer". On it must be put the lamp, Cross and Crucifixion. For the first time, an altar in the Bible is mentioned in connection with the time after the Flood. It was built by Noah. And for the first time, an altar for the temple was built for the temple built by Solomon. In early times, altars were of various forms, simple and uncomplicated. It could be a square pile of stones or a simple earthen mound. Some researchers point out that the altar as a whole reflects the paths of approaching God: sacrifice, atonement, forgiveness and approval, salvation. In early times, bread and wine were prepared for the Eucharist in a special separate structure - skevophilia. The modern form and content of this rite finally acquired in the XII – XIV centuries. Then they began to use a lot of prosphoras and clearly fix prayers over them. The altar, as well as the throne, is sacred, located in the northeastern part of the altar, to the left of the holy throne. It is like a throne in shape, size, decoration. And its symbolic meaning changes depending on the place in the Liturgy. In the beginning it symbolizes the nursery of the newborn Christ, then Golgotha, and in the end - the Heavenly Throne.
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Work: Manual.
Material: Wood.
Size: Under the order.
Price: Under the order.
Работа: Ручная.
Материал: Дерево.
Размер: Под заказ.
Цена: Под заказ.
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