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Analogion №20

Analogion №20
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During worship there is a need to put up a cross, a gospel for reading or an icon. For this, there is a special table with a surface that is tilted for convenience. This narrow table has another name - analogies or stand for church books. Anala is usually located in front of the iconostasis in the middle of a church or temple. He can stand in the vestibule of the church, the kliros and the altar. When an Orthodox wedding newlyweds walk around the lectern. There are several types of supports for church books. Because of this, the lectern price may vary. It can be a light stand, which unfolds, has four legs and is covered with a cloth on top. This may be a wooden large stand, which stands in the center of the temple, which looks like a large cabinet. On such a stand during the holidays they put a festive icon, or there is a temple icon there. During liturgy, analogies of the same type, but portable, that is easier, are used when reading the Gospel. On the lectern also during confession lies the Gospel and the cross.
The use of lectern in church practice is very large. A cross and the Gospel are placed on it during prayers, baptisms, weddings, confessions, unions, as well as funerals or monastic vows. In addition to the priest, the lectern is also used by the deacon when he reads the gospel. The lectern for singing books is also used by deacons and singers in the church choir. That is, in the temple can be klirochnye lecals for different numbers of choristers, not necessarily one. Christian believers in some churches write notes on the lectern. During the service when reading the Gospel, parishioners who are in need, put a handkerchief or other cloth on the lectern.
Wooden lecterns are made from a variety of wood species, on which the price of a lectern also depends. The support for church books in any case should be practical, that is, correspond to the functions that it should perform. But despite this, like any church utensils, the lectern must be beautiful and comfortable to use, aside from practicality. Another important thing is its strength and stability. If the lectern is portable, it should be both light and stable. The lectern, on which the festive icon is located, can be decorated in different ways and have a different shape. The oblique shape of the table makes it easy to read church books.

Analogion / Аналой
Аналой для церкви с резьбой выполнен из дерева. Мы занимаемся изготовлением интерьера для церкви мебели крестиков и прочего которое можно просмотреть на сайте

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Work: Manual.
Material: Wood.
Size: Under the order.
Price: Under the order.
Работа: Ручная.
Материал: Дерево.
Размер: Под заказ.
Цена: Под заказ.
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