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Crosses №8

Crosses №8
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Golgotha in the Orthodox Church Golgotha, that is, a massive Orthodox cross depicting the crucified Lord Jesus Christ, is in almost any church. The cross of the Lord is the most revered Christian shrine. Constructively, Golgotha consists of a carrying pedestal, which represents the very mountain of Golgotha in Jerusalem, where the crucifixion took place, with a cross erected from above. As a rule, such a crucifix is performed in human growth or in a somewhat reduced form. There are both purely carved Golgotha and decorated with icon painting. In the case of an even more complex composition, on both sides of the figure of Christ there may be “upcoming” - the Most Holy Mother of God and John the Theologian.
The Cross of the Lord is one of the most revered Christian relics, along with the Holy Sepulcher - a cave that was handed over to Christ by the righteous Joseph of Arimathea. The place of the crucifixion of Christ is known with extreme precision. In the 4th century, the emperor of the Roman Empire, Constantine, along with his mother, Equal to the Apostles Helen, discovered in Jerusalem the place of execution of Christ and the remains of the cross itself. The famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher was erected at this place. Modern archaeologists believe that Golgotha was previously called the entire vast area where they executed executions, while today they began to understand the place where Christ was crucified. But despite this, Golgotha remains the most important topographical symbol in Christian history.
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Материал: Дерево.
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