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Crosses №22

Crosses №22
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Calvary for temples, yaviv Yaviv His great love to us, Christ voluntarily died a martyr for us and atoned for our sins, gave us the opportunity to continue to live with God, to grow spiritually, to do good deeds and to see eternal life. The place where He was crucified on the cross for the last time, became Golgotha, a mountain near Jerusalem. In order for Christians to remember the sacred feat of the Savior, in every church it is considered obligatory to have an image of Calvary with a Crucifix. Usually it is an eight-pointed cross with the abbreviation "ІНЦІ", which means "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews", made in full size, i.e. in human growth. The cross stands on a small stone hill depicting the skull and bones of Adam. Translated from the Aramaic language, "Calvary" means "head, skull," its Latin name Calvaria has a similar meaning. Images of the Mother of God (to His right) and John the Divine are placed near Jesus. It was the beloved disciple who the Savior on the cross commanded to take care of His Mother - the Virgin Mary. During the Great Lent preceding Easter, Golgotha is placed in the middle of the temple. At this time of sorrow, believers remember and reflect on what Christ has done for us, what torments it underwent to open the door to a new era. And if in the ancient world the cross was a symbol of execution, a shameful death, then after the Resurrection of the Lord it became a symbol of victory. Life has conquered death, love has conquered violence. The feat of Jesus becomes even more significant if one is aware of it in the context of the mission of the birth of the Savior. After all, He came of His own free will to this world to die for us. Christmas foreshadows the redemptive feat of Jesus Christ and the renewal of human nature, stricken by sins. Therefore, the Birth of Jesus is an event of equal importance with His Resurrection. A reminder of this bright holiday in the temples of the nativity scene, made in the image of the Cave of the Nativity in the temple in Bethlehem. Just as two thousand years ago, the wise men came with gifts to pay homage to the King of Kings, so we bring our gifts to the Lord — prayers, good deeds, love and repentance. For your temple you can buy Calvary of different sizes - large floor and small table.
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