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Thrones №21

Thrones №21
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Throne (faculty) is a honorary seat in the temple specially intended for bishop. The throne as honorary seat for bishop emerged for the first time in Christian катакомбных криптах. On traditions the throne lies at the centre of Eastern altar wall, opposite to throne, on горнем place. You can order throne on your requirements in our shop.

Manufacturing of the thrones is an ancient skill which in perfection is possessed by our foremans. By us резные thrones were created and places for plenty of temples and churches decorated mountain. At us you can purchase throne issued like it is required by the furniture of your temple. Prices depend on sizes and article material.

More mountain place is a part of the temple, where on elevation throne is installed for bishop, and below, on parties from throne - sitting for priests. More mountain place symbolizes mysterious presence Sir , therefore special, благоговейное attitude is preserved to it.

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Olexsandr, Олександр.
Work: Manual.
Material: Wood.
Size: Under the order.
Работа: Ручная.
Материал: Дерево.
Размер: Под заказ.
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