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Thrones №25

Thrones №25
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Church furniture Majestic beauty, the magnificence of an Orthodox church - on the one hand, it is a manifestation of our reverent attitude to the Lord God and the wealth of our soul. After all, the beautification of churches, cathedrals, work in their good since ancient times was considered a godly deed. Giving the best to God, we show love to Him. On the other hand, it is known that the harmony of the surrounding world plays an important role in the formation of a person’s personality. Understanding the connection between the inner and the outer, the Church believes that beauty serves to change people internally, encourages the soul to rejoice and is the bridge for the soul to the Almighty. The external and internal decoration of the temple, its architecture, painting, liturgical objects, sacred vessels, vestments, chants, religious rites - this is a picturesque sermon on the Divine plan of our salvation. Each object, image, sound in the temple have their own deep meaning and inextricable link with each other. And this concerns not only icons, crosses, holy books, but even church furniture. For example, in the altar stands not only the Throne and the altar, but also chairs for the clergy. At the High place is placed the throne for the bishop. Sitting on it during worship, the bishop, archbishop or metropolitan symbolizes the Lord of Glory, and, which is located on the sides, the clergy - the apostles. This tradition, rooted in the time of the catacomb temples, corresponds to the vision of John the Divine described in the fourth chapter of the Apocalypse. The apostle saw the heavenly throne, surrounded by a rainbow, on which the Lord sat, and around him - 24 elders in white robes and golden wreaths. The throne for the lord is also called the pulpit. Hence, the cathedrals - the temples, in which the service is headed by the bishop. Since the decoration of the temple is intended to convey the beauty of the High World, in the manufacture of church furniture (iconostases, lecterns, icon cases for icons, canopy for tombs, candle tables, shops, donation boxes), as well as for church utensils (tabernacles, Eucharistic sets, wedding crowns) are often used precious metals, stones and woods. Carving with gilding or silvering, the image in different techniques of biblical scenes give the objects of church use solemnity, pomp. Today's technology makes it possible to replace expensive materials with cheaper, but no less beautiful. The main thing is that all the objects fit laconically and harmoniously into the overall decoration of the temple, emphasizing its interior character and features.

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Work: Manual.
Material: Wood.
Size: Under the order.
Price: Under the order.
Работа: Ручная.
Материал: Дерево.
Размер: Под заказ.
Цена: Под заказ.
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